Last post here: Check out Food Falls’ new digs

Hi all - 

As I mentioned a few weeks back, the Food Falls blog is moving off Tumblr and into the guts of the site. I kept posting here through the 2014 Food Falls Tournament because we were having some issues with Polls embedding. 

But now that is over (thanks to all of you for making it a smashing success), it’s time to say goodbye to Tumblr and hello to the new Food Falls (pictured above).

Some added benefits: You can now get Food Falls posts on the Argus Leader mobile site, mobile and tablet apps as well. It will come in under the Food and Drink section (see below). 

I know some of you took advantage of Tumblr’s following function, and unfortunately that is going away. But we do have an RSS feed set up that you can plug in if you’re inclined to follow that way. Here it is:

Be assured we’re continuing the blog and dining coverage. And a last thanks to Tumblr (like they’ll ever see this!) for being the home for these last nearly four years! That’s crazy to me. 

See you over there!