Upsets abound, it’s already on to Round 2

Well, the first round of the 2014 Food Falls Restaurant Bracket is over, and two of the top seeds are already out. 

Sushi Masa and Tomacelli’s were kicked to the curb by Inca and Puerto Vallarta, respectively, as many double-digit seeds found their way into the second round.

In all, there were 11 “upsets,” though it’s hard to really call them that when you consider the frivolity and unscientific nature of the committee’s seeding (that’s me, by the way).

But second round voting is now open, and will close midnight Saturday. Some great matchups out there, so click below, vote, share, repeat. 

As always, hit me up in the comments with thoughts, questions, rants, etc.


Fine/Casual Region - Round 2

Ethnic Foods Region - Round 2

Breakfast, Chicken and Stuff Region - Round 2

Pizzas, Burgers, Sandwiches Region - Round 2

First Round: COMPLETE
Second Round: March 18 - 22 (Tuesday - Saturday)
Sweet 16: March 24 - 27 (Monday - Thursday)
Elite Ate: March 28 - 31 (Friday - Monday)
Final Fork: April 1 - 3 (Tuesday - Friday)
Championship: April 4 - 7 (Friday - Monday) 
Winner announced Tuesday, April 8