Spring is here! B&G Milky Ways start opening next week

Today’s high temp is supposed to top out at 19 degrees. This weekend? -1 degrees for a high.

But sure enough, Sioux Falls, Spring is here!!!

I know this because the unofficial start to the season, the opening of the first B&G Milky Way, is upon us. The B&G on 69th Street is set to open next Wednesday, March 5.

Bruce Bettmeng, owner of B&G Milky Way, says everything is still contingent on the weather, but that all five locations should be open by the first week of April.

"We’ll be ready to open," he said, "it’s just a matter of if Mother Nature is going to be ready."

And while tackling some ice cream when it’s still near zero outside is not entirely appetizing, I can’t wait to grab my first strawberry/vanilla swirl cone of the season.

B&G Openings:

69th St: March 5
Sycamore Ave: Later next week
41st St: March 15/16
Tea location: Mid-March
12th Street: By the first week of April

(Big thanks to suburban food blogging correspondent Michael Frankman for the tip and the photo above.)