Would be a mistake to pass on Dareo’s Pizza Casino

When the Sioux Falls Pizza Pantheon is discussed, rarely if ever do you hear Dareo’s Pizza Casino mentioned. Red Rossa? Sure. Tomacelli’s? Natch. Pizza Man? The Darkhorse.

But I don’t think it’s out of bounds to include Dareo’s somewhere near the top of the list. This place slings some seriously good pies.

(Quick point of clarification: I’m talking about the Dareo’s on Minnesota Avenue near Hy-Vee and the Nickle Spot. I know there is one out on east 26th Street too, but have never been. Employees say it should be the same food.)

I’d been to Dareo’s before, with my friend Lori back in 2009, and thought the cheeseburger pizza was good, but other than that, didn’t remember much else.

I wish I had, or I certainly wouldn’t have gone nearly five years without hitting this place up again. Many times!

The hand-tossed crust might be my favorite in town. Great chew, yet crisp and firm enough to hand-hold with ease. Fresh and toasty. We ordered a one-topping, half mushroom and half pepperoni. Those toppings were fine, and it’s worth noting they do not skimp on the cheese, that is for sure.

We also ordered a Baked Potato pizza that was fun, and close to good, but was missing something. The ground beef, onion and two-cheese pizza is topped with hash browns. A bit strong on the onion. Maybe some of the gravy? Maybe some egg and make it a breakfast pizza?

Some other notes: They also serve breakfast all day, and while we were there, some clear regulars came in and were asked if they wanted their normal 20 wings. They did. There was also more than one phone call fielded assuring customers that, yes, they still had soup. If people are calling in to see if they still have it, I think I know what I’m trying next time.

Well, that and the pizza. Because it would be a shame to pass up an opportunity for another slice from Dareo’s. And you can play a little vid lott and support our state’s K-12 education system while you’re at it. Win-win, right?