Help me: Who has the best nachos in town?

My friend Joe recently asked me who I thought had the best nachos in town. I didn’t have a good answer.

Despite having so many great ingredients (cheese, tortilla chips, peppers, meat, beans, sour cream, guac….), I rarely order them. And so many bar nachos are entirely forgettable.

The one that does stick out for me, and it’s a variation on the traditional, are the Chicken Nachos at Tre Lounge: grilled chicken, bacon and LOTS of Mozzarella cheese, with green onions, salsa and a crème fraîche on top. They are super tasty and disappear quickly.

I also love the bits of cheese that get cooked/slightly burned to the plate. It that weird? I don’t care; I dig it.

It doesn’t surprise me at all that Tre’s website says it’s their best-seller.

That aside, nothing jumps out at me. Though I’m sure there are great nachos* in Sioux Falls. And I’m sure you’ll tell me where they are.

Then, I relay it to Joe, and all will be well!

(* If I was asked where to get the best “nacho’s” in Sioux Falls, I’d say at the Westmall 7 Theater, where they sell possessive nacho’s to movie-goers (approximation pictured above). Also, Possessive Nacho’s is a great band name. Called it!)