One thing to try: Soup at Zoup?

With more than one hundred recipes of soup on rotation, I can’t recommend ALL the soups at Zoup, the newly opened chain restaurant at the corner of 41st Street and Kiwanis Avenue.

I can say Megan and I tried the Lobster Bisque and the Chicken Potpie (above) the other day, and both were passable.

Not the highest praise, but maybe passable is the wrong phrase. Maybe ‘really close to good’ is more like it.

The bisque was tasty and had rather large portions of lobster meat in it. It lacked a little acid to cut the heavy, buttery, thick taste. A lemon wedge even would have made it a recommend soup.

Chicken Potpie, one of the few soups always available, was creamy, chunky and actually quite pleasant. Shocking for a chain soup, but I actually added a bit of salt (and a few dabs of hot sauce) and it was quite good.

The bread options that were offered with, a French and a Sourdough, were fairly terrible. A Greek wrap and grilled cheese were not worth ordering. Nor was the dry, dense brownie. Not worth it.

So give the soups a try. Pass on the accoutrement.