Initial thoughts on Acoustic closing

My first thought after talking with Tony Kellar yesterday morning, and learning Acoustic was going to close this week was ‘Damn.’

I really liked Acoustic. Their menu was fun and original while still seeming familiar. Turning carnitas into pizza, fries but with a ‘dirty’ twist, the house-made Russian dressing to name a few. But it was still mainly burgers and pizza. Accessible, but usually weird.

My second thought was, now more than ever, we have to support the M.B. Hasketts, Ks and Wild Sage Grilles of the downtown world. The chef-driven, boundary-pushing, find-something-you’ve-never-tried sort of places. Those certainly aren’t the only three; you should throw Parker’s, Bros., and probably a handful of others in there as well.

But my point is it is still ridiculously hard to run a successful restaurant downtown and still take culinary chances.

That’s something Acoustic did, and I know I’ll miss it.