Roundup: All Day opening soon, Doritos-crusted buffalo wings(?), and another Pita Pit


Most of this I found out from the Sioux Falls Business Journal, and am passing on in link form for your perusal:

• Doritos-crusted buffalo wings? Not too far fetched with the new deal between Buffalo Wild Wings and Pepsi Co. The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal details the possibilities.

• The new All Day Cafe & Goodnight Bar has released their menu, and it looks fun, lively and full of oysters! Oh, and boozie drinks. Opening around Christmas, according to our Business Journal.

• Because everyone knows we need more wraps in our lives, Pita Pit is opening a third location in Sioux Falls.

(Note: This is also my 499th post to this blog. Quick math tells me that means the next one is the Big 500. I plan on taking a look back, saying thank you, but I’m also interested in how you all think I should/could mark the occasion. Thoughts?)