Believe me, you want a Pickle Barrel breakfast sub. Only available this morning!!


Once a year The Pickle Barrel serves up a breakfast sub. They call it Bawk Friday, and it’s the Friday after Black Friday.

Well that day is today. And they only serve them up until 10 a.m. and is not available for delivery.

I’m sorry for the late notice. I should have got this to you yesterday. But hopefully you’ll be able to take advantage in the next two hours.

The subs are awesome: egg, ham, your choice of toppings…really pretty basic. But wrap it all up on one of those PB sub breads, all hot and delicious, and it’s a real shame it’s only a novelty.

Order! You’ll be happy and full.

(They say on Facebook they will make this sandwich available twice more in December, once on Christmas Eve. So that’s nice if you miss out today!)