One Thing NOT To Try: PB&J Wings at OverTime

As far as sports bars go, you could do a lot worse than OverTime down on the corner of 26th Street and Sycamore Avenue. I mean, it’s got the typical, ADD-inducing 27 televisions tuned to different channels, the overloud speakers blaring enough to make it actual work to watch anything other than the featured game, sterile and vast seating area filled with fans and always too many children, and plenty of the huge, discounted domestic taps aimed at keeping you in those seats. Add in the expansive, and recently updated, menu of bar food specifically designed to go with those beers, and you’ve got a fine, local, eastside alternative to BWW when you need your sportball fix.

Ended up there this weekend after getting a note from friend Nick saying their wings, listed on the menu as ‘Jumbo,’ were in fact large and pretty good. We swung by after catching a matinee at Dawley Farm, and ordered up some wings.

We split the 15 wings into three flavors: the quite good and spicy Triple Play (a combo of BBQ, Spicy Garlic and Hot), the ‘New!’ Bloody Mary and the perplexing PB&J.

Because when I see weird stuff on menus, I order it. You know this by now.

The PB&J wings were not good. More peanut butter taste than anything, it overpowered both the jelly and the chicken. There was supposed to be some hot sauce mixed in there too, but I couldn’t find it. I could see some version of this working. Maybe a Thai peanut sauce with sweet/hot chili peppers wing, or something like that. In fact, that sounds pretty good to me. But a little peanut butter goes a long way, and this was a miss.

I did like both the Triple Play and the Bloody Mary, and while the flats seemed normal size, the drummies were large and juicy. A good wing.

Has anyone else tried the PB&J Wings? What’s the weirdest wing sauce you’ve ever had?