City’s pizza the star of the new Falls Taste Tour


It’s time for another round of the Falls Taste Tour, and this time some of the city’s finest pizzas are featured. Same drill as before: all you have to do is visit one of the eight participating restaurants, eat a delicious piece of pie and snap an Instagram pic of it with the hashtag #SnapASlice, and get you entered to win prizes of free food. The tour starts Thursday, Oct. 31, and runs through Dec. 19. (The website is still set to #BurgerCrawl, but will be changed by kickoff on Thursday.)

The participating restaurants are:

  • A Taste of the Big Apple
  • Carnaval
  • Grille 26
  • Red Rosa
  • 18th Amendment
  • Pizza Inn
  • Ruby Tuesday
  • Luciano’s

As always, I’m not eligible to win any of the prizes, and am all sad face about it. Nonetheless, I did start my own tour (albeit a little early) the other day. I’ve had pizza at the first six place on this list, but hadn’t been to A Taste of the Big Apple in awhile, so I started there.

I’d always liked A Taste of the Big Apple. The large, floppy slices, tons of toppings (not always a good thing, but I really like the Liberty: Canadian Bacon, Pepperoni, Black Olive and Green Olives) and a really good calzone too. It’s certainly a top-5 Sioux Falls pizza joint for me.

But, I’d never had the Sheepshead Bay Shrimp Pizza, and it came with more than a couple Foursquare recommendations, so I ordered up a medium pie with the intention of bringing at least half back to the newsroom.

For starters, the crust was possibly just cooked more than normal, but it had a bit more integrity to it; it felt better in the hand was easier to eat. Which came in handy, because the pizza with jumbo shrimp, artichoke hearts, garlic oil bacon and scallions was quite good. None of the flavors, even the bacon, overpowered. My only thought was it might have been nice if the jumbo shrimp would have been cut up and dispersed a bit more. I liked the shrimp, but many bites go by without it playing a role.

After I put down half the medium pie, I decided to order dessert. The features board at the front of the restaurant touted a Chocolate Ravioli with Apple and Pear Sauce over Ice Cream (below). The deep fried ravioli filled with chocolate was fine, though a bit rich for me normally (but what do you expect when ordering a deep-fried, chocolate-filled pasta?!), but I loved the apple and pear sauce put together by the kitchen’s Faren Earring, who you’ll recognize from Curb Side Diamond. I love pears, and I’d have that sauce over ice cream every time if given the chance.

So that’s a long way of getting about kicking off the #SnapASlice movement, but so be it.

Have fun on your tour, and good luck with the eating and the winning!