Nutty’s no more: BB’s Pub and Grill now open in its place

When I heard last night that Nutty’s had changed its name, I was actually a bit shocked. Not only because it’s sort of a Sioux Falls landmark, but because I figured I would have heard about it before. Turns out I’m only a week behind, as BB’s Pub and Grill had their grand opening last Wednesday (corner of Westport Ave. and 49th Street).

A cleaner, trimmed down version of the former peanuts on the ground, mainly-bar establishment, they still have 40 beers on tap and a full liquor license, but are more focused on the food, and being a more neighborhood/all-around pub rather than a night spot, B&L Distribution CEO Justin Birger says. (B&L includes BB’s and Fogie’s Liquor Gallery in Sioux Falls)

Gone is the three-season deck (replaced by an open patio) and peanuts, and the menu has changed/grown. Still a focus on burgers, with regular pub fare like wings, pizzas, etc., but there are some intriguing items as well: a breakfast pizza with sausage gravy, eggs and bacon; the Hail Mary (Spicy waffle fries, bbq pork, bacon, cheese and jalapenos); Hula Burger with Korean bbq, ham, pineapple and provolone; Rocky Mountain Oysters.

¬†They’ve added a soft serve ice cream machine not only for kids desserts, but for milkshakes, adult beverages like the Pink Squirrel, and are even open to the possibility of boozy milkshakes (you’re welcome, Megan)!!

It was cleaner than Nutty’s to be sure. I ordered the Hail Mary, and should have heeded Justin’s advice it was better split with a friend. The spicy waffle fries were crisp and quite good, the bbq chunks (not pulled) were tasty and burnt in the good way, bacon crisp as well. This is straight up pub food. And a good one at that. Would be perfect with a beer, or even with a weekend morning Bloody Mary after a particularly active night out (a ‘Double Mary’ I’d call it!).

There were a lot of things on the menu I could see myself ordering, so I’ll have to make sure and get back to BB’s sometime soon.

But part of me is sad it’s no longer Nutty’s. I don’t have a rich history there or anything, but I have had some nice times with friends (including some karaoke nights) there, and I always liked the place.

Hopefully BB’s will be as fun. The DO have trivia twice a week and bingo on Tuesday nights. So there’s that!