Food Dudes expands our delivery options

One of my complaints of the the Sioux Falls dining scene (there aren’t that many), is the lack of delivery options. If you don’t want a sub sandwich or Chinese food, we are severely limited.

So it’ll be no surprise Food Dudes Delivery has become one of my favorite businesses in town. While not exactly new to the area, this business works with 13 different restaurants in town, and will deliver their food to you for a small fee, usually $5. Plus tip, of course!

With restaurants from Shahi Palace and Tokyo, to Bob’s Chicken and Granite City, this service greatly expands our city’s delivery empire.

We recently ordered from Shahi through Food Dudes, and the experience was great. Food was delivered quickly enough considering the service (45 min), was still hot, plus the guy thanked us for using the service and gave us a printed menu.

One caveat: Orders must be for a minimum of $15. So unless you’re really gorging, you’ll need someone to order with.

Have you used Food Dudes? What places do you wish would deliver in town?