Getting reacquainted with Tre

I used to go to Tre often. To meet up with friends, for lunch, for an after-work beverage. Megan and I used to frequent the spot back when it was 601 Arota. Oh, the delicious flambéed cheese!

But for whatever reason, it had fallen out of rotation. Lunch last week with my friend Abby was a perfect time to fix that.

We started by sharing an old favorite: the Cayenne and Bleu Cheese Flatbread. The blue cheese is great, you also get some nice grilled chicken and tomatoes in there, and while I’m pretty sure the spicy cayenne sauce is Frank’s Red Hot (or at least relies heavily on it as a base), I’m okay with that; I’m a Frank’s fan. But the kicker is the caramelized onions. They are wonderful. The crisp and chewy flatbread is winner.

Next, I went outside my norm and ordered fish for lunch. The Walleye Almondine jumped off the menu to me for some reason. I’ve realized I really like Walleye recently, and I’ve always liked almonds, so I decided to give it a try. Plus, Abby was going to order my second choice, the Surf-N-Turf Burger, so I knew I could have at least a bit of that as well.

The walleye was quite good. Lightly dusted and pan seared, the fish was then covered in the bright, citrus almondine sauce. It was tasty for sure, the mixture of almond, onion and lemon were great, if only JUST on the slightly-too-sweet side. But not enough to make it saccharine or unenjoyable. The fish seemed fresh and pulled apart beautifully. My favorite part, though, was the bed of pea pods, carrots and almond slices the fish was on. The veggies were great! And they stood up to the sauce a bit better than the fish, I thought. A nice dish worth trying.

And since it was there, I had to try some of Abby’s burger too. The Surf-N-Turf is lobster on top of the half-pound patty, with melted provolone, lettuce and tomato. The lobster was great, the burger also good, and I’ve always loved the large, fluffy buns Tre uses. The burger, we both agreed, was lacking some moisture; it was too dry. You don’t want to top this thing off with ketchup or mustard, so maybe some of the gratin sauce they use for the lobster gratin? Some drippier, meltier cheese? Butter?! Something added, and this would be pretty great.

I mean, none of this is "The Freak," but you won’t need a nap afterward, either.