Pass on the Gummy Bears, but Uncle Ed’s Brats are solid

I didn’t have high hopes for the Uncle Ed’s Gummy Bear Brats (above, those red and green things are Gummy Bears). The combo just seemed like it would be off in a way-too-sweet sort of way.

But when they were described by the man at the counter as adding a sweetness similar to a pineapple brat, I started thinking maybe they’d surprise me.

Unfortunately, my initial thoughts held true.

The brat itself was actually quite delicious. Great flavor, crisp casing. I was enjoying it right up until the first bite with a pocket of melted Gummy Bear juice. Hot and bursting with artificial fruit flavoring, the mix with the beef/pork brat was not something I really liked. It wasn’t BAD, but I just preferred not to be eating it. Some may like it, but it was just too sweet for me. Though I did finish it out of principal.

The good news is, I hedged my bet, and bought two other varieties of Uncle Ed’s brat empire (their website boasts 38 variations of bratwursts and sausages): the best-selling Philly Cheese Steak Brat and the Brain Strain Brat (labeled with an (expletive goes here) Hot).

After trying the all-beef Philly links, it’s not a shocker this is Uncle Ed’s best seller. They were great. The Swiss cheese that oozes out is pretty great, and the spiced brat does taste like a pretty good Philly. (You can see the extra peppers and onions we added in the picture below.)

And the Brain Strain? Well, again, this brat was a nicely balanced pork/beef mix. But that only lasted mere seconds before the pepper mixture (including Ghost Peppers) takes over. In a big way. And for someone who normally loves heat, this was a bit too much for even me. Even a slightly dialed-back version of this brat would be a winner. As is, I’m glad I tried it, but will stick with the Philly next time. Or try the Wild Rice Brat.

Maybe I’ll even try the Reese’s Pieces Brat they offer. Maybe.

Uncle Ed’s Brats are solid, just not the Gummies.