Out at the Buffalo Roundup? Chance for some great meals!

(Photo: MJ Adams and a buffalo. From www.cornexchange.com)

This note was left on the blog yesterday by Nancy Gellerman of Wild Sage Grille in Sioux Falls and the Sage Creek Grille in Custer:

“If you happen to be in Custer this Thursday and Friday night…MJ Adams will be cooking at the Sage Creek Grille for the round-up…featuring all her great talents and flavors…come check it out if you are out there.”

Oh, how I wish I was! As I’ve posted before on this blog, Adams’ The Corn Exchange was probably my favorite restaurant in the state. If she and Gellerman (another wonderful chef) are teaming up for a weekend of food out west, I can’t recommend hitting up Sage Creek Grille any more highly. No idea what will be on the menu, but it will surely be worth it.

Enjoy. (And thanks for the tip, Nancy!)