First impression: Randle’s Kitchen is really good

Food trucks have lived a pretty tumultuous life here in Sioux Falls, largely due to foot traffic patterns, seasonality and in some cases, just mediocre food. Most have closed, or moved on. Some operate occasionally. None are reliable.

But might Randle’s Kitchen be the one to break the curse? The owners of the new business, Shona and Dave Randle, decided to put their “truck” in an RV instead, allowing them more space, and more importantly, the ability to operate year-round, according to the Sioux Falls Business Journal. AND they plan on adding breakfast soon, starting with the YMCA Muddy Vike on Sept. 21 (next Saturday).

After reading that story this morning, and being I had nothing better to do (again, Staycation), I went down to give them a try.

I ordered six of the Big Dave’s Wings, hot, and a Patty Melt, above. Both were quite good.

The wings were big, fresh, crisp and mighty tasty. While I wouldn’t call them “hot” at all, I wasn’t disappointed because the flavor was spot on. A slightly sweet taste from what was surely honey, balanced with a very nice buffalo sauce. Again, really good flavor. They didn’t last long.

And the Patty Melt was a well-seasoned burger with mayo, cheese and grilled onions on toast that was just about perfect. My favorite Patty Melt in Sioux Falls is probably the one at Little Coalinga, but this one immediately rose to the top of things I’m going to make sure I order again.

You can find where Randle’s Kitchen will be stationed by following them on Facebook here.

And they take cards using Square. Bounus. Full disclosure: I first heard about the possibility of the Randles opening a food truck last summer when Payton Randle, Shona and Dave’s daughter, was a reporting intern for Argus Leader Media. Payton is a smart, young woman attending USD, and was a good intern. With that background, I was admittedly hoping I’d like the food at Randle’s Kitchen.

Turns out, I didn’t need to worry. Place is solid.