Oggie’s solid in proximity, not a destination

To varying measures, we are all creatures of habit. Our morning routine, route to/from work, weekly TV shows and the places we eat. And largely, there is nothing wrong with that. Routines give us much needed structure and a base to audible from.

There are also the disruptors. This food blog is a disruptor for me in that I can’t let myself get into a rut or routine of visiting the same four-six places every week, even though sometimes that’s exactly what I want to do. Another food example of a disruptor (this is a blog about eating and drinking after all) is the out-of-the-way restaurant so good you’re willing to overlook the inconvenience of its location or will break from your routine in order to go there.

Oggie’s Grille and Bar in Tea is not one of those places for me.

Which isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy my Titan Burger there; I did! (The signature, two-patty cheeseburger with fresh toppings and ‘House Sauce’ was well-cooked, tasty, had a great bun and for a large burger, very eatable. Only thing I would have changed was adding more house sauce next time; it was a tad bit dry.) But despite the friendly service and open, comfortable atmosphere, it’s just not a place that I’m going to seek out and leave Sioux Falls for. There are too many other good burger places where I can grab a beer and watch the game that are significantly closer.

But maybe that’s the idea. As the bedroom community of Tea continues to grow, and as Sioux Falls’ southwest side continues to creep toward aesthetically connecting the two cities anyway, there is a need for a neighborhood bar and grille.

And in that respect, I’d say Oggie’s is perfect. It was a good experience I just can’t see myself repeating unless I happen to be out that way at meal time.

Order: The Titan - It’s a good burger.
Pass: Go with some wings or a Walleye Taco instead of the Pretzel Sticks (above). They were just okay and a LOT of dough.