Gear up for a day full of eating and cheering on the Coyotes


Sure, three exclamation points might be excessive, but I really do love football. Almost as much as I do food.


And with college football kicking off this weekend for both state universities, I wanted to do an eaters guide to Brookings and Vermillion. Unfortunately, trips to both weren’t going to be possible in time for kickoff, so I enlisted the help of two college students to give us the skinny on where to eat when we’re up (or down) rooting for the Jackrabbits or Coyotes.

Yesterday, Collegian editor Marcus Traxler gave us the rundown on Brookings. Today’s guide is for USD and comes from assistant Verve editor Kayla Prasek.


As a senior at the University of South Dakota, I’ve done my fair share of eating out around Vermillion. With the Coyote football team’s home opener this Saturday, plenty of out-of-towners will spill into my little college town looking for game day entertainment.

Where should you eat before the game? Where should you go to celebrate the win or drown your sorrows after the game? I have a few insider tips to make your game day as enjoyable as possible.

Since you’re in town for the big game, my go-to place for a pre-game lunch would be Bunyan’s. Bunyan’s, located at 1201 W. Main St., has some of the best burgers in town. They also built a brand-new building last year, so what used to be a dingy bar is now fun and laid-back, perfect for game day. Most students don’t know about this hidden gem, so it likely won’t be packed on game day either.

After the game, hit up the Old Lumber Company, which is located at 15 Court St. The newest bar in town, the Old Lumber Company is a sports bar, perfect for a post-game beverage. Carey’s Bar (pictured above) is also a popular bar among the college crowd and is always lively on the weekends, but especially after a big win. Carey’s is at 18 W. Main St.

Once done bar hopping, I would suggest hitting up either R-Pizza or Cherry Street Grille for a late-night meal. R-Pizza is downtown, located at 2 W. Main St., and right across the street from most of the bars in town, making it a convenient location. R-Pizza has the best pizza in town, and no night is complete without stopping for a slice of greasy cheese pizza before heading home. However, if you’re craving a late-night greasy breakfast, then head to Cherry Street Grille, located at 1122 E. Cherry St., which is open 24 hours a day on the weekend. They have a list of 101 omelets and a wide assortment of other breakfast options.


Thanks for the post, Kayla. What do you all think? Is your favorite spot mentioned? I know one of mine is Silk Road for a little Bibimbap. Hit me up.