Pro Tip: Use the online ordering at Five Guys

Being that Five Guys Burgers and Fries is a pretty well-known entity food-wise, I’m not going to go into great detail on the actual meal I had there Saturday afternoon.

The burger I knew would be good. Fresh, topped with your choice of, again fresh, standard toppings, I ordered the Little Cheeseburger. I was right; it was a good burger. I knew I wouldn’t be crazy about the fries. They are too floppy and ‘soggy’ for me, but many people like that fresh-cut feel. For me, when it comes to fries, I do like a little crunch. And a small order still comes with a full cup plus more spilled into your paper bag.

The real genius I see, however, is in the online ordering via desktop or smartphone app.

Wanting to know how this would work, I had Megan order from her phone while en route to the restaurant. I planned to wait in line, and we’d see what the difference was.

Surely the lines will shorten once it’s no longer new, but even then, I’m going to recommend to anyone you use the online ordering. It was easy, and Megan walked right up to the pickup counter, the workers threw her fries in the oil to make sure they were fresh, and she had her meal in six minutes from the time she placed it on her phone.

I waited in line for 27 minutes before I got my meal. Not that I didn’t expect it! The line was out the door most of the day Saturday.

So good burger, meh fries and awesome app.

Use it.