I’d hate to see what customer appreciation looks like at other BWW franchises

After seeing this story on yesterday’s SiouxFallsBusinessJournal.com, and after getting a lunch invite from my friend Abby, Buffalo Wild Wings (on the north side of town in the new Sports and Entertainment district) was our destination.

Twenty-five cent wings? What a cool way to thank customers for winning a national franchise award for operator of the year!

As usual, it was busy. But we had our choice of 4-5 tables and were greeted promptly.

That’s where things went south.

We ordered some wings and fries, and let the server know we’d need to place an additional order to-go a little later. ‘Sure,” we were told.

…10 minutes…

…20 minutes…

…30 minutes go by…

I caught the eye of our server and asked if she knew where we were in the queue. Clearly, this was an irritating question to the young woman because we got a hand-on-the-hip, snotty “There’s a 50-minute wait for wings right now.”

I said that would have been good information to have had when we ordered, and noted the tables that were seated after us had already received their food. I was greeted, if it’s possible, with more disdain from the waitress and told that’s because they didn’t order wings.

We weren’t waiting another 20 minutes for our food, and then another 50 for the to-go order. So we dropped a couple bills on the table to pay for the soda, and bailed.

Our Burger Time meal was served up quick, with a smile and just fine.