Immediate Comparison: The Cuban Pizza Edition!

A few weeks ago, I saw Monk’s had a new, Deconstructed Cuban Pizza on the menu. Then this week, when I tried the Cubano over at Acoustic, I decided I HAD to go immediately to Monk’s to try theirs and do a little side-by-side.

Nothing like two different pork- and mustard-laden pizzas in one night, right?!

Other than the idea, these pizzas were vastly different, if not both good. Starting at the crust: Acoustic braided and thick/chewy, Monk’s a thin, crisp crust. Both had pulled pork on top, though I think Acoustic’s was the clear favorite here. No ham on Monk’s, but instead, they added bacon and pineapple pieces which added some sweetness and smoke. Acoustic’s cumin-cilantro mustard was good, but I actually preferred the stone-ground version on the Monk’s dish. Pickle chops for Acoustic, Pickle chips for Monks.

While both good, the Acoustic pie is the one I’m most likely to order again. Though I hit up Monk’s enough to know I’ll have another of their version. Especially with all the delicious beers to choose from! (I went with a Duchess de Bourgogne on this trip.)

So what do you think? Have you tried one or both?