Acoustic not without quirks, but well worth it

With menu verbiage including ‘Slowhand,’ ‘Dirty,’ ‘glorious’ and ‘gooey,’ with the multiple aolis, the low lighting and the blue, corked bottles for water, Acoustic has a definite ‘feel’ to it. I’m not sure this is the right word, but I’m going to go with luscious.

It’s your good friend who is the life of every conversation and party, yet still has a tapestry on their wall and makes questionable relationship decisions.

Okay, even I don’t know what exactly I mean by that, but it’s close.

A mainly burgers and pizza joint, but turned way up on the culinary scale, Acoustic has been a welcome addition to the downtown scene. I’ve liked it from day one. Currently largely blocked off by construction along 6th Street and Phillips Avenue right now, I parked down by the Orpheum and walked through the rubble for dinner with my wife.

We started with an order of the “el Gaucho” Chislic, a beef chislic covered with cilantro Chimichurri and a tomato, onion and cucumber chop on top, and an order of the Dirty Fries, coated with Parmesan and herbs.

The chislic was very good. I love cilantro, add in the relish-like topping, and these medium-rare cubes of meat were more than flavorful. They didn’t last long. I’d had the fries before, and they didn’t disappoint. Don’t be fooled by the menu saying these fries are “served with authentic tomato ketchup.” It’s just Heinz. I’d suggest getting one of the homemade sauces like the Russian Dressing or Blue Cheese.

Next up: the Cubano Pizza. One of the things I love about Acoustic is their use of pork. Whether in the corn tortilla tacos, the Carnitas Pizza, or in this new (to me) addition, they do a really good job with my favorite meat. Anyway, the Cubano is chopped ham, braised pork shoulder, Swiss cheese, chopped pickle and a cilantro-cumin mustard.


First bite was great, and surprising due to the noticeable amount of lime added in there. A nice touch to bring some acid to the party, and lime is perfect with pork. And it’s hard to mess with their braided crust. So good. The chopped pickles giving just enough tang/brine to make this a super solid Cuban. In pizza form!

So while there are quirks like the ketchup and pseudo-suggestive language and feel (they recently took a burger off the menu that was called The Reverse Cowgirl, for example), I really can’t recommend the place higher. The food is great, and the food is fun.

Asking for more would just be greedy, right?