Hit(s) and miss at Krav’n

I’d not been to Krav’n since September, 2011 (thank you Foursquare!), and only once before that.

It’s not because I don’t like the place (I actually enjoy the whimsy of large plastic martini glass-shaped vessels full of cotton candy they serve) but because it’s WAY out there in the ‘burbs, a place I don’t live, and infrequently have reason to travel to.

But when I saw this at Noodles and Company and decided to pass, it was time to look for an alternative. Krav’n ended up it.

Since I’d never ordered dinner there, I figured I should try two entrees and an appetizer (split of course!). There wasn’t a whole lot that jumped off the menu and Megan and me, but there were a few oddities. So we ordered them.

To start, an order of Jalapeno Popper Wontons, followed by the Pork Belly Po Boy and an order of the Walleye Fingers and Chips.

The wontons were fun, and I wasn’t expecting the bacon pieces in there, but that’s because I didn’t read the menu well enough. It CLEARLY says “cream cheese, jalapenos and bacon.” The wontons (6) are on the heavy side, so this is definitely something to share. And I liked them without the sweet and sour raspberry sauce that was strongly tipped on the sweet side.

The beer-battered Walleye strips were straight forward, had a nice, light fry that was still crisp, and was basically exactly what you want from freshwater fish. I’d order this again for sure, but ask for something other than the chips/fries. They were pretty lame.

The thing I was most excited about was the one thing I wouldn’t recommend you order: the Pork Belly Po Boy sandwich. Admittedly, I probably have unrealistically high expectations when I see pork belly on a menu, and this was even sorta good and a bit smokey. But it wasn’t luscious, overly-decadent and fatty like I want. And for a sandwich with other components (maple remoulade and pickles) the meal was pretty flat, overpowered by the smokey pork. Even the pickles, with all their brine and dill, didn’t come through.

That said, the meal gets the Meat Loaf Seal of Approval, and I would have no problem recommending Krav’n to people looking for some pub food to go with their after-work drinks.