Bite Me Mobile Bistro closing after JazzFest

Just posted on the Bite Me Mobile Bistro page:

"It brings me great sadness to say that Jazz Fest will be the last event for Bite Me Mobile Bistro. You all have been incredible and I couldn’t ask for better foodie fans. Thanks for letting me cook for you. Why am I closing? Spring’s tardiness and prolonged rainy weather literally crushed my season’s chances of being profitable. I have done everything humanly possible to try to recover, but I know that I need to see the writing on the wall and close up. I will miss you all terribly and hope to see you out and about. For those who have scheduled events, I will be contacting you personally to work out a replacement for me."

This is too bad. I was never too huge a fan, but I do love food trucks, and this was a popular one. With the on-again/off-again Curb Side Diamond, the city’s mobile food trend seems pretty squashed at this point. Still some hot dog joints, with little else.