I don’t always eat breakfast, but when I do…

For someone that loves eating as much as I do, I never really get started at it until noon. I don’t know why, but I’ve always looked at breakfast as something of a treat or a vanity only for vacations. I know this is weird.

The supposed most important meal of the day is lost on me; I’m just never that hungry when I wake up. But I do love the breakfast arts, and I’m sure that’s why I love brinner so much.

That said, I’ve had two pretty good to great breakfasts the last two weekends, at two very different Sioux Falls restaurants.

The first was the Cornbread Benedict at Marlin’s on north Cliff Avenue. I’d never been to Marlin’s, and found it quite nice. I was expecting something much more greasy spoon when I walked in the gas station entry, but the diner vibe and overall cleanliness were a pleasant surprise.

The eggs on the benedict were wonderfully runny and light, the hashbrowns were crisp and fresh (these had definitely not been sitting in a warmer all morning) and the cornbread was a nice twist on the normal English muffins, if just a bit too sweet. Sausage patties and not enough sausage gravy finished it off. Overall, pretty solid.

Plus, where else in town can you order a side of funnel cake?! If there are places other than fairs (which I am NOT a fan of in any way), please let me know! Though our order was left in the frier a bit too long and was too well-done, this alone is worth the trip up north.

The second was this weekend, downtown, during the Tour Sioux Falls Cyclovia on Sunday morning. With most of the downtown shut off to traffic, Megan and I rode our bikes down the middle of Phillips Avenue and decided to stop off at M.B. Haskett.

I ordered the Savory Crepe (ham, Gruyere cheese, green onions, arugula and an over easy egg). Oh, wow, was this a good decision.

You’re probably familiar with sweet crepes. The ones with strawberries and powdered sugar you’d make for Mothers Day. They are delicious.

This savory crepe was “go-back-for-two-more” good. A beautiful egg, full, crisp and chewy crepe, the cheese and greens and a small bite with the green onion. Really out of sight good.

When we were paying for our meal, there were people in line trying to decide what to order. I told them I couldn’t recommend the savory crepe any more highly. We saw them out and about later that morning.

They thanked me. Said they were going to ride around a bit more and possibly go back for more.

You will too. Enjoy!