Wraps are the worst. Unless they are the best: Fatayers at Sanaa’s

It’s unfortunate there are so many horrible “wraps” out there. Fronting as a healthy alternative, most of them end up an excuse to cram a boatload of lettuce in a “pesto and sun-dried tomato” tortilla and charge us $8 for it.

It’s insane.

This upsets me because “wraps” (specifically tortillas) are some of my favorite foods: burritos, gyros, and, something you have to try if you haven’t, the fatayers at Sanaa’s 8th Street Gourmet over in the 8th and Railroad Center.

A fatayer is a Mediterranean food: pita bread dough, stuffed with any number of fillings and baked. With olive oil of course.

And Sanaa’s has a long list of fatayers to choose from. My favorite is the falafel, but I’m also a fan of the feta, olive and oregano (above) and any of the meat pies (both above).

Sanaa’s food, in general, is delicious. And you can always get gluten-free and vegan options there. It’s one of the few (only?) restaurants in town to REALLY cater to those dietary restrictions on a consistent basis. (Though there are tons of places that are now offering a variety of gluten-free options, which is nice.)

So ditch the “wraps” and grab a fatayer. You’ll be happier.