Best Burger in America? Restaurant Hospitality says head to South Sioux City

The Farm-to-Table Wagyu Burger at Kahill’s Steak, Fish and Chophouse in South Sioux City, Nebraska was named the Best Burger in America by Restaurant Hospitality magazine recently.

The burger, described as a Morgan Ranch Wagyu burger topped with sarsaparilla-seared local pork belly, Gruyere cheese, house bearnaise, a farm-fresh egg and house-made brioche, then balanced on matchstick fries in a pool of veal demi-glace, certainly looks like a winner to me. I mean, Pork Belly?!, HELLO!

Kahill’s is part of the WR Hospitality Group, which owns and operates the Minervas restaurants among so many others (Diner, Grille 26, etc., etc.). But I’ve never been there.

Have you? Has anyone tried the Farm-to-Table? Is it awesome? Is it worth the trip? Let us know!