One thing to try: Lunch at Pomegranate Market


It’s a bit embarrassed to say this, but it took me until just recently to make my first trip to Pomegranate Market. We generally do our grocery shopping at Hy-Vee, the Co-op and the Farmers Market, and while I’d heard the small cafe inside the store was good, I’d just never made it over there.

I’ve been missing out.

I met Megan there for lunch, and we decided to share two sandwiches over lunch. I was impressed with the the variety and overall freshness of the options. We settled on a Crabcake Sandwich and a Kimchi Grilled Cheese (seen above).

Both were delicious. The crabcake could have used a bit of salt, but had great crab flavor, was light, and the radish sprouts were a nice touch of spice to the sandwich. The kimchi was tart, and the cheese gooey.

Both left me wanting more.

And there were a bunch of options, including some soups that change daily that I’ve heard nothing but good things about.

I promise, Pomegranate Market, it won’t be years before I come back.