Mexican Food Monday: The Tongue Edition

Some of you are going to cringe at this. I know, because I’ve seen it from friends and colleagues over the last couple weeks when I mention my most-recent food fixation: beef tongue. Specifically, lengua (Spanish word for tongue) tacos.

Growing up, I HATED beef tongue. Turns out, it was because my mother was just boiling and barely seasoning it, just the way her mother used to cook it. Yuck.

But it can be so much more! Sliced, seasoned correctly and grilled, lengua is a tender, fatty steak that is outstanding in tacos. In fact, take away the texture, and I’ll bet most would just think they’d had a steak taco. (Try and guess which of the above is the lengua and which is the steak!)

So I’ve been ordering these where ever I can find them lately, and if you’re interested, I’d go to Tortilleria Hernandez up on Fairfax behind the Labor Union Temple.

Good, locally-made tortillas too.