Your (initial) RibFest guide to ribs, AND we’re getting a new BBQ Joint

Unless you’ve been saving up for a couple months, it’s doubtful you’ll want to spend the dough to try ALL the ribs at RibFest. With eight vendors it gets steep really quick.

So I’ll try and help by leading you to some of my favorites. I’m going to be one of the official RibFest judges this afternoon, and will be able to give you more info after that, but I did go last night and tried four ribs without knowing where they were from. Here are my thoughts:

1. Johnson’s was my favorite of the four, just barely. A lightly-sauced rib that was well-balanced between smokey, spicy and sweet, if not a tad too sweet.

2. Just North of Memphis (formerly Willingham’s) was the rib I thought I’d like the best and would likely go buy again out of the four. A dry rub rib (my favorite), the ribs had great flavor and were moist, but maybe a bit too much bark. And for someone who loves bark, that’s something.

On the first two, I’m nit-picking because I liked both.

3. Desperado’s were super saucy and also tasty, but far too sweet for me. These were, however, Megan’s favorite.

4. Porky N’ Beans. This surprised me when I found out it was PNB. Last year, I said they were my favorite “saucy alternative” to my favored dry rub. But these were dripping with sauce and yet, somehow, bland as bland as bland. I’ll be interested to know if it was a bad batch, of if I come to the same conclusion this afternoon with the blind taste test of all eight.

The photo above is in order for your visual reference! Happy eating, and make sure to let me know which ribs your preferred.

ALSO: Apparently we’re getting a new BBQ joint in town, according to this flier on my car I got in the RibFest parking lot!