Minervas Buffalo Wellington is for real

In my continued effort to eat good food AND support my own company’s efforts, I hit up another Falls Taste Tour - Chefs Challenge participant recently: Minervas for the Buffalo Wellington.

For me, the great thing about the Chefs Challenge is, most of the participating places are restaurants I frequent anyway. Minervas, for example, is consistently good, and a place you KNOW you’re going to get a great piece of meat, a great meal and service.

That being said, I was still surprised at how much I enjoyed the Buffalo Wellington. Billed as a South Dakota-raised buffalo tenderloin with a garlic and herb oyster mushroom duxelle, and sautéed baby vegetables atop a Burgundy demi-glace.

That’s quite a mouthful, but to boil it down, the buffalo was tender, medium-rare and gorgeous inside the buttery, toasty pastry, and the garlic/herb/mushroom filling around the meat was outstandingly rich and made me happy!

And I like being happy!