One thing to try: Pretzel Roll and Beer Cheese dip at Skelly’s

My friends, at least many of them, make fun of me for liking Skelly’s. They say it’s weird, it’s old and it’s dirty. And to all of that I say: they’re right.

But I don’t care! I’m going to keep trying to make it a thing because I think that as far as pub food goes, Skelly’s does a lot of things right. And I’ve had more than a few very enjoyable lunches there.

The last time I headed over there with my friend and co-worker Michael Klinski, they had something new on the menu: a pretzel roll with beer cheese dip appetizer. Of course we ordered it.

First, the beer cheese dip was great. Not too cheesy, not too bitter, but just right. And super rich. Secondly, that pretzel roll, toasted and lightly buttered was solid. Sprinkled with salt over the top like a good pretzel should.

If you’re willing to ‘brave’ Skelly’s, check this one out. It’s worth it.