Quick Don’t Do It: Pizza Hut Crazy Cheese Crust Pizza


If it’s not apparent from this blog, I love excess when it comes to food. So I was actually excited when I saw the new, weird, grotesque Crazy Cheese Crust Pizza. It’s the one with pockets of cheese built into the crust.

Because, let’s be honest, stuffing the crust with cheese has just never been enough.

My ‘problem’ was my wife did not share my enthusiasm and insisted we were NOT ordering the ‘cheese abscess pizza,’ as she dubbed it.

So I waited. And tried to talk her into it again a few days later. No dice.

But I found my opportunity on a long work day a few weeks back. I was hungry, had no time to leave the office and needed some eats.

Let’s just skip to it: the pizza was gross. Or rather, the crust with cheese abscesses was gross. It was just far too much: chewy, rubbery, nasty.

The remainder of the pizza made it’s way out into the newsroom, where it was devoured. Despite that, everyone had the same reaction.

Don’t do it.

I hope this helps.