My new favorite thing West River: Philly Ted’s


I recently finished my second of three weekends West River this month, and have a few thoughts:

1. The Black Hills are beautiful…so long as you look past the the glut of signage for flea markets, tourist traps (see: Reptile Gardens, Bear Country, etc.) that, surely, nobody gets caught in and antiques/souvenirs/motorcycle t-shirt shops. If ever there was a case study for the merits of proper zoning, this is it.
2. I’d forgotten how messed up the Mountain Time Zone is for TV viewing. When is Letterman on? Wait, why is Sunday Morning already half-over? Yuck.
3. Black Hills Vinyl in Rapid City is a great little record store and had one heck of a Record Store Day celebration.
4. I will eat at Philly Ted’s every single time I’m back in the hills from this point forward. I loved it.

I’ve never been to Philadelphia, so I’m not going to pose and tell you how authentic Philly Ted’s is or isn’t. All I know is I’ve had more than my share of Philly sandwiches over the years and this one was as good as I remember.

I went pretty basic. The sandwich was served on a nice doughy-soft long roll, with tasty sliced beef, peppers, garlic and Cheese Whiz. Everything worked here, and the addition of the garlic was great.

There were a ton of variations, so many you could eat a different sandwich every day for nearly three weeks. And you know I’m going to give a place extra points for serving tots. Let alone, glorious crispy tots like these (see above).

Friends and readers recommended this place, Foursquare tips and Urbanspoon aided, and my happy belly confirmed.

Philly Ted’s is stellar.

(I’ll be posting again shortly about the rest of my West River food findings, including Vertex and the Independent Ale House, so stay tuned for that!)