Bacon may have jumped the shark, but I’m still down: Bring on BaconFest!

Let’s all jump in the WAY back machine, and travel to the year 2010. The place? The Center for Active Generations and the inaugural Sioux Falls Roller Dollz BaconFest.

Bacon was approaching it’s peak as a food meme of force and ubiquity. Heck, Megan and I hosted a Bacon and Boxing Party (alternative title: Pork and Punches) in January of 2009!

So when we heard about the bacon-themed contest, we were a bit overconfident in entering.

Let me say this: our Bacon bourbon caramel corn was the best thing on those tables. And the crowd concurred, coming back for more, and more…so much so that we ran out. And we brought WAY more than we needed.

It was great: salty, caramel, sweet, boozy, oh-and-yeah bacon!! Why am I not eating it now?!

And we didn’t even place.

But I’m not bitter!

Proof: I’m judging this year’s BaconFest with four others. It’s this Saturday (see above), is now downtown, and I’m really looking forward to it.

Because despite bacon having jumped the bacon-wrapped shark, I still love it so.

Join me this Saturday for some bacon-themed fun.