Rapid City Weekend #1 in the books


Thirty-eight hours later, and still all I can think about is the smoked white fish from The Corn Exchange. Light, flaky meat subtly smoked atop a grilled corn and scallion pancake, cucumber/horseradish yogurt sauce, radish sprouts and a boiled egg. One of the more perfect things I’ve ever eaten.

And that was just one appetizer. The entire meal (a crazy-good Peeky Toe crab cake with an avocado mousse I wanted to bury my face in, extremely rich and briny blue cheese olives, pan-roasted quail with lamb merguez sausage, heritage pork chop, a beautiful butterscotch Pot de creme that was worth fighting over and a vanilla gelato affagato) far exceeded our already-inflated expectations.

(Aside: For the first time in a long time, I thought photography was out of the question due to a combination of the low light and general atmosphere.)

Unfortunately, after 16 years, this is the restaurant’s last week. Here’s to hoping MJ Adams’ next endeavor will be somewhere close so we all can continue to enjoy her food.

The other two places we hit up were definitely fun, though certainly less impressive. We grabbed breakfast at Tally’s Silver Spoon (above) and I loved their spicy, meaty green chili, and the Duck, Duck, Goose (duck confit, foie gras, egg with sweet potatoes and gooseberries) was solid. But the Beignet Breakfast Sliders were a miss for me. Love the idea/concept, but the beignet was too heavy and dense and sort of drown out the egg, bacon and maple cream. And the Smoked Salmon Benedict was a bit strong on the fishy flavor (though salmon roe will do that, and is admittedly not my favorite) and overall sort of wanting. I’d certainly go back (the Migas is calling my name!).

The Wobbly Bobby British Pub was very cool, and while I didn’t want to ruin my dinner with one of their highly-recommended Scotch Eggs, I did order a scotch from their nice selection.

I count the first of my three Rapid City weekends this month as a success. Next up on the list are a ton of recommendations from you all: Independent Ale House, Botticelli, Sage Creek, Philly Ted’s, Beau Jo’s, Delmonico, etc. Keep them coming!!