Buzzer beaters! The Attic, Sanaa’s pull off upsets, Parker’s holds on

It’s hard to really call it an “upset” when the seeding was totally arbitrary, but when a restaurant/bar on the southeast side of the city beats a downtown staple, it qualifies. So congrats to The Attic on downing Sushi Masa en route to the Sweet 16 of the 2013 Food Falls Restaurant Bracket.

Another “upset” was Sanaa’s ousting Jacky’s. And while Jacky’s is my favorite place to eat in town, hence the #1 seed, Sanaa’s is great as well, has a large following and is well-deserving.

The other highlight was the comeback by Parker’s against the stout Grille 26. As late as 8 p.m., Grille 26 held the lead. But, surely aided by a late plea on their Facebook page, the fine-dining establishment on Main Street was able to surge ahead for the narrow victory.

So here they are, your Sweet 16 restaurants. You can vote now.Voting will be open for this round through Sunday at 11 p.m.

Touch of Europe v. Parker’s Bistro
Queen City Bakery v. Nikki’s Burrito Express
Tomacelli’s Pizza v. Bro.’s Brasserie
Taste of the Big Apple v. The Attic
Minervas v. JL Beers
Phillips Avenue Diner v. Acoustic
Sanaa’s v. Mama’s Ladas
Wild Sage Grill v. Red Rossa