Major upset in the first round of 2013 FoodFalls Restaurant Bracket

The first round of the restaurant tournament is over, and there were a few surprises, as well as one major, Georgetown-Hoyas-going-down-size upset.

You can see all the results here.

The headline, even though I buried it a bit in this post so it wouldn’t show up in the Facebook preview and you’d have to click!, is the 15-seed Taste of the Big Apple knocking off K, one of the best restaurants in town.

That was a shocker. But so it goes in the tournament right?!

Below are the second-round matchups, so vote now for your favorites. By Thursday morning, we’ll have our Sweet 16 set!

This has been fun; thanks to all for participating!

Round of 32 matchups:
Parker’s v. Grille 26
Touch of Europe v. Pho Quynh
Foley’s v. Queen City Bakery
Kaladi’s v. Nikki’s Burrito Express
Bros. v. Bracco
Tomacelli’s v. Callaway’s
The Attic v. Sushi Masa
Sneaky’s Chicken v. Taste of the Big Apple
Spezia v. Minervas
Tre v. JL Beers
Phillips Avenue Diner v. Bob’s Cafe
Acoustic v. Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet
Sanaa’s v. Jacky’s
Mama’s Ladas v. B&G Milky Way
Skelly’s v. Wild Sage Grille
M.B. Haskett v. Red Rossa