Quick hit: Go get some goat. Tonight!

I know I recently wrote about M.B. Haskett, and I usually try to mix things up on this blog. But last night I had one of the better meals I’ve had in awhile, and because of the nature of Haskett’s ever-changing menu, I wanted to make sure I told you about it.

On weekends, M.B. Haskett does a prix fixe menu, and this weekend’s is three dishes of awesomeness. It starts with a warm salad of collards, squash, celery and pancetta that was light, and earthy and fun. A great start.

Then a bowl of some of the most balanced, flavorful curry I’ve had in a delicious goat dish with garbanzo beans and coconut rice. The whole thing was out of sight. A dollop of tzatziki sauce on top blended well with the spice in the Jamaican-style curry. The goat was tender, not at all gamey, and just happens to be local too! It’s from the South Dakota Meat Producers, LLC out of Brandon and Garretson. So that’s pretty awesome.

The trio is finished off with a fried (not deep-fried) plantain, honey, pecan and mango dessert. Placed on to of a sweet yogurt sauce, this was really impressive on the plate (the whole meal was pretty, actually). The plantain was crisp on the outside, soft in, and the combo of flavors was spot-on.

Yeah, this was a meal worth doing an immediate post on in the hopes that one or two people will read this today and end up down at Haskett for dinner tonight. And it was the highlight of the night considering that Tracy Morgan show at the Pavilion was so horrible!

Anyway, if you go, let me know what you think!

(And, if you haven’t already voted in the 2013 FoodFalls Restaurant Bracket, the first round closes tonight! Vote here for your favorites!)