Photos: Brackets broken down

So after digging in and finally seeing how the free website I’m using interpreted my seeding entries, I realize it’s not what I intended. For example: Mama’s Ladas was intended to be a #2 seed, not a #4. And Look’s Food Truck was a #5 seed, not an #8. Anyway, it’s all for fun and it is close. And at least the #1 seeds were correct: Parker’s, Minervas, Bro.’s and Jacky’s.

Now here’s the embarrassing part: I totally forgot to include two of my favorites in a field of SIXTY FOUR restaurants! For shame! So I’m going to give them a plug here: Falls Landing and Pickle Barrel are awesome and their omission is unacceptable. The committee apologizes.

Now to the Brackets!
imageFavorite: Parker’s. The #1- #1 seed.
Dark Horse: Foley’s (7) and Nikki’s (3). Both are local favorites and could make a run.
Upset Special: T.C.’s Referee. If this voting gets a little west-side love, Touch of Europe could be in trouble.

imageFavorite: Bro.’s or K. Sort of 1-1a, though Bro.’s goes to top line based on pork belly alone.
Dark Horse: Gotta be Tomacelli’s (5). Best pizza in town.
Upset Special: Curb Side Diamond. The creative food truck needs to get past some mean chicken in the first round.

imageFavorite: I actually think the Diner (3) is the favorite here. Appeals to the masses and has outstanding variety.
Dark Horse: Don’t Look past Spezia (9). (See what I did there?!)
Upset Special: Newbie match-up with Acoustic (2) and Starz (15) squaring off. I think Starz has a chance.

imageFavorite: Another region where i think Wild Sage Grill (3) has a shot. Jacky’s is my pick to win the whole thing, but will others see it that way?
Dark Horse: B&G Milky Way (5) looking ahead to second-round match with Mama’s Ladas.
Upset Special: Skelly’s (11) over Kowloon. Only because I don’t think a lot of people know they make their crab rangoon by hand, people!

So what do you think? What did I miss? Horrible seedings? Who is going to win! Talk it up! And VOTE HERE!