Your friends may laugh, but order the Princess Tofu

Yeah, yeah. Let’s get it out now: your friends will laugh when you order the Princess Tofu from Golden Bowl Chinese Restaurant. It’s a silly name that conjures pink tutus, Birkenstocks and tiaras.

But who cares?!

Certainly not you. You know you’ll be munching on some of the most delicious Chinese food Sioux Falls has to offer.

Made with cubed tofu, deep-fried then sauteed with green onions and peanuts in a tasty brown garlic sauce, this is one of the ‘spicy’ options on the chef’s suggestion’s page of the Golden Bowl menu. I order it extra spicy, then pick about half the peppers out.

But there is no denying the garlic, peanut and onion make the squares of tofu meaty, and crazy-delicious.

So what if you get an unintended nickname in the process (yes, this happened)? Order this deliciousness up, with some steamed rice, a crab rangoon or two, and flaunt good eats in the face of ridicule.

Princess Tofu!!!!

(If you’re not in the mood for tofu, Golden Bowl does an awesome Szechuan Duck. Just saying.)