One thing to try: the Scotch Eggs at Monk’s

On a trip to see friends in Minneapolis a couple years ago, we ended up at Brit’s Pub after dinner to have a beer before walking back to the hotel for the night. Having already eaten, more food was not on the docket.

But something on their menu jumped out at me: Scotch Eggs.

The were described as a hard-boiled egg, wrapped in sausage, breaded then deep-fried and served with mustard. There was no way I wasn’t trying this, so we ordered up a round of the aftertizers.

They were great. Salty, spicy, hot and the ground mustard, egg, sausage combo is a keeper. Plus, they made the beer all that more crisp and refreshing. This was food made for a pub for sure.

But that was the first and the last time I’ve had them. We’ve not been back to Britt’s and I’ve never seen them on a menu since.

Until a few months ago, when Monk’s expanded their menu. I was giddy when I saw Scotch Eggs up on the chalkboard next to the taps. Unfortunately, they had already sold out of them by the time I got there, so I had to wait till the next time.

I’ve since had them twice, and while I’ve really enjoyed them, after my first batch lacked a good crust on the breading, the second time I asked if they would leave them in the deep frier just a little bit longer than normal. They were MUCH better.

Monk’s also added a Salmon Burger which I keep hearing good things about, as well as a Meatball Sub.

Questions: Have you ever had Scotch Eggs? What did you think? Also, will you join me in making ‘aftertizers’ a bigger thing? I love that word!