Mid-week pick-me-up: The Moscow Mule

Yes, I know it’s “only” Wednesday. And yes, I know I’m posting this in the “morning.”

But it’s going to be a balmy 40 degrees today, it’s the midpoint of the week and you (and I) deserve a little boost, right?!

So I suggest a Moscow Mule from Copper Lounge. This vodka drink, mixed with ginger beer and a squeeze of lime, is served with ice in a copper mug. It’s refreshing, boozy (duh) and sorta fun.

And though the “copper” mug at Copper Lounge is actually a copper-plated mug and not the “real” thing, I give them a pass. Hardly anybody serves a Moscow Mule anymore because people always steal the mugs. So you actually have to put down a deposit when you order them; So be warned.

But I think it’s fun and worth it. Plus, like I said, you (and I) deserve it!