Best salad bar in town? Yeah, it’s Minervas.


I’m sure I’ve talked about my love of salad bars before, but it’s worth saying again that Minervas is the best in town. The variety is great without being overwhelming. There are great olives, peppers, various side-dish-type salads, SANDWICH fixings, cheese and crackers (seriously: what is in that awfully-orange cheddar horseradish spread that makes me want to eat, and two soups.

Again, not overboard, but just right. And it’s all quality.

But you likely knew this, and you likely think it’s the best salad bar in town too. 

Or maybe you don’t, and you’ll yell at me in the comments.

Either way, I’ll be going back soon to try some stuff on the seasonal menu. They’ve got a Cuban Sandwich with chorizo added, Cioppino (not something I’d normally order, but it just sounds good for some reason), Thai Peanut Chicken and a Salted Caramel Vanilla Crunch Cake.

I’ll just have to force myself to pass on the salad bar.