Reader questions: In need of dumplings and where is Five Guys?

Two questions from readers:

Reader 1: "Is there a Chinese restaurant ANYwhere in town which serves traditional take-out dumplings? I’ve tried several places to no avail since moving here from the East Coast last summer. All I get (if I get anything at all) are what I would call potstickers. Every place here seems to think a filling inside of basically a wonton skin is a dumpling instead of that perfect little doughy package I became accustomed to from any one of the 100 take-out shacks I was used to. Any ideas??"

I don’t know the answer to this one. I wrote recently about the pork buns at Phnom Penh, but I’m going to have to open it up for help with the dumplings. I like potstickers, gyoza, etc. But I’ve not come across dumplings either. Help the reader out, all.

Reader 2: It has been nearly two years since Five Guys announced they were coming to Sioux Falls and how it was their number one targeted market yet no news since, any info on this? I see that a knock off called Mooyah is looking to come here as well, is that our consolation prize? I don’t understand why Sioux Falls gets skipped over from Sioux City to Fargo such as Five Guys, Moe’s Southwest Grill and Golden Corral have done. Also any word on Panda Express?

Thanks for the questions. I checked with Jodi Schwan, editor of the Sioux Falls Business Journal (which breaks restaurant news all. the. TIME. So tune in if you don’t already), before answering this one, but with both Five Guys and Mooyah, the franchisees are still looking for locations the corporate offices will accept. It’s sometimes a long and annoying process (for us and for them, I’m sure). We’ll be the first to tell you about it, I’m sure, when they do finally settle on a spot and time. Don’t worry about Golden Corral; we’re better off. :)