Sen. Thune goes “triple jalapeno” AND fireball at Pepperjax Grill


It’s been a day filled with news from Sen. John Thune today on

First, we livestreamed his town hall meeting this morning where he talked about issues ranging from the debt ceiling to gun control.

Then, he joined Stu Whitney to talk sports on Sports Web Live at noon.

On his way out, he and members of his staff asked the Argus food blogger (wait that’s me! :) ) where they should go to lunch. I listed off a few places, and the one that rang for them was PepperJax Grill.

I suggested, if they liked it spicy, to get the sandwich “fireballed,” where they cook the meat in jalapeno juice.

Apparently Thune likes spice, since he ordered his chicken sandwich with “triple jalapeno” AND fireballed.

Well done, Senator.

(pic courtesy of Jon Lauck)