Zaroty solid, could break the location’s cursed streak

I finally made it over to Zaroty Mediterranean Street Food on the west side of town this weekend. I say finally because it’s way out there at 57th and Marion and my first attempt was on a Sunday a couple weeks ago and they were closed. I just don’t get out that way on a regular basis so I needed to make a specific trip.

Zaroty, owned and run by the same family that previously had Zoni Pies downtown, takes over at a location that seems a bit cursed. It’s been a sub shop (I can’t remember the name), Inca Express and Italy. And that’s just in the last three years. But while I was there, the Saturday lunch business was brisk, and the restaurant was nearly full. Add that to the family history of running successful eateries in town, and this place might just buck the trend.

The menu has pockets (similar to calzones, but more, well, pockety), sandwiches, pizza, salads, etc. I ordered a falafel pocket and the Big Fat Greek Sandwich (pita bread, gyro meat, feta, lettuce, tomato, onions, olives, banana peppers and taziki sauce).

Of the two, I’d recommend the sandwich. It’s basically a gyro with banana peppers added, and I thought it was pretty good. The meat seemed a little less seasoned or peppered than what I’ve had at Nick’s, and I took about half the lettuce off the sandwich (which, in fairness, I do almost every sandwich from anywhere ever). The taziki was good, and I liked the peppers added too. I’d order again.

The falafel pocket was also good, largely on the quality of the bread pocket itself. Warm, crisp on outside, chewy in, and not greasy or over-buttered like these things can get. Next time, I’d get one of the chicken or pork pockets, however. I love falafel, but this fell a bit flat, unseasoned for me.

There are also some apps like the hummus dip I’d like to try. And the table next to me was raving about the pizza. A quick glance over made me want to go back for a pie. The crust looked great, and the table of six was done with their meal in about 10 minutes. Clearly they enjoyed Zaroty too.

Have you been here yet? Any suggestions, thoughts?