A week in, Acoustic already finely-tuned

Sioux Falls knows how to welcome a new restaurant.

Whether it’s packing a new downtown offering for weeks like happened with JL Beers, or the west side Sonic needing police assistance to organize the smash of traffic during their opening. This week I also saw lines out the door for a cheesesteak sandwich at PepperJax Grill.

So here’s my plea: don’t fail to do the same for Acoustic, the new Tony Keller venture in the Harvester Building (formerly Uno Zoni). They’ve also reported being swamped the first day for lunch, and after I had lunch there this week with my friend Jen, I’m saying now, you’re going to want to eat here. Likely often.

The space has always been cool: exposed brick, weathered hard woods, a basement area that has seen a few lives itself (I saw an awesome, intimate Soulcrate and members of Doomtree concert there in 2006 I think, back when it was the Riverwalk Cafe). And Acoustic sticks to those raw aesthetics, with a bit of flare like frosted glass bottles of water at your table.

And the food was amazing. I ordered both the carnitas pizza (slow-roasted pork shoulder, red onion, cilantro, cheese, salsa, sour cream), and the Italian Meat calzone (pepperoni, salami, pulled pork, homemade sausage and sweet peppers. Throw in the cheese, sauce and some chili oil).

First off, carnitas is my go-to order in a Mexican restaurant to see if they have the chops. It’s my favorite. Then you go an put it on top of a pizza? Full with wedges of lime? And it works? Really well? Enough questions; just go order this now.

The calzone, while delicious, was all I could handle. It should be named the “Meat Sweats Calzone.” I loved the peppers, but more so the dough/crust. And for having all that meat, it was one of the least greasy calzones I’ve had. Solid.

Jen said her burger was good as well, and I snagged a couple of the Parmesan, Oregano, Basil fries which were crisp and tasty.

Next time I’m going to try either the Bigfoot burger which claims to be “heads above the average ‘egg-burger’” or the Harvester pizza with smoked chicken, leeks and Creme Fraiche.

Have you been here yet? What did you have and what did you think?