Some BBQ Quick Hits

Quickly, a few BBQ notes:

• A belated congrats to the Sioux Falls Famous Dave’s for being named the chain’s restaurant of the year. As one of the very few BBQ joints in town, that place is always packed. The service is always friendly, and the menu voluminous. I’ve been three or four times over the years, once recently. For me, it’s good enough to go back when in a pinch, but not enjoyable enough to make me want to go there often.

• Speaking of underwhelming…Oklahoma Joe’s in Kansas City. I know this is going to draw some ire, and maybe I expected too much, but my recent meal there was just mediocre. I got a slab of ribs and the pulled pork (pictured above). I’d not go out of my way for either. Caveat: other ribs at the table looked like they were cut from an entirely different animal, and some around me were VERY happy with their meal. The best thing I had there was the Boulevard Pilsner after the 5+ hour drive.

Look’s Market is hosting another one of their smoking classes, this one focusing on the holiday-themed meats: prime rib and turkey. It’s next Thursday, Nov. 15 from 6-9 pm. Cost is $90 or $160 for a couple. You get the instruction, recipes, a ton of food and there is always drink included too. We had a fun time the last time we did one of these.